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This Is Infinite Ep 1 [Full]





How to pass your Kpop Star audition - a guide by Lee Seunghoon


131104 NAIA Airport
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131103 Myungyeol @ One Great Step in Manila 
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sunggyu's wave ~(‾⌣‾~)

I am a SUNGYEOL bias and last night, he was gorgeous (he wasn’t in his spirits in the soundcheck party but he waved at me!!! I promise I kept on shouting his name and waving on him and finally he waved back to me: I was waving my hand in a big way and he copied it!! why am I smiling right now hahaha! He got his spirits back and started smiling and have fun at the early middle part of the concert and I like how he was taking picture with the polaroid cam with a fan at the right side) 
but I was so so shocked with how HOYA is sooooo handsome OH MY GOSH (hoya was always somehow the last in infinite for me but now omg just omg)
and how WOOHYUN is so so sweet, he palso promised to come back and I am holding that, haha
(I feel like woohyun and hoya were stealing me from yeol
SUNGJONG was also sweet (specially on the soundcheck party, he kept on waving, saying hi yep I was one of the lucky winners and it was just so magical!!!), at the concert he keeps on dancing for the fans and blowing a kiss, throwing hearts and he was always on our side (but just like in DKFC, he was always at our side but he didn’t saw me well except for the presscon, he saw me and waved)
SUNGGYU is soooo cute♥  (at the soundcheck party I feel like he’s not on the mood but at the concert he was so cute waving his two hands and smiling like a dork hihi, I can tell that he enjoyed the concert, his smile was so genuine it makes my heart melt hahaha
L was definitely happy he always smile, wave and everything and the going to the fan in wheelchair is just heartwarming he wasn’t the L last January in DKFC wherein he’s in his cosplay (last night, he was naturally happy and I like it!!!)
DONGWOO… I just love him, he’s so precious, everytime he’s talking and on the screen me and my ‘seatmate’ were always saying happy birthday like an idiot (he can’t hear us though haha). When he was crying, I felt like crying also but I controlled myself because I want to see them clearly. He was so cute when they were calling Sunggyu and he just kept with his “gyu gyu gyu gyu” so lovable!!!

THE STRIPPING OF CLOTHES IN THEIR SILHOUETTE FREAKINGLY KILLED ME!!!! IT WAS SO HOT!!!!!!!! add: the red lighting effect with smoke whaaaaatttt I AM O-<

Everyone was so sweet and wonderful that I can’t help but to smile. Actually I was a bit disappointed at DKFC last time because they didn’t had a proper performance wherein the song was always cut in the middle and they also had their farewell. But last night was so fun that I feel like I used my whole body (It was tiring in a super good way :)) I definitely had a great time and I also feel like I’m gonna be back on tumblr again because of it hahaha! I spend money (so expensive!! ticket plus the goods that I am inlove right now) but I don’t feel like it’s a waste because it’s INFINITE!!!! and because Last Night was definitely a fairytale ♥ I will never forget.

(I bought my camera with me last night fully charged but when I was inside the venue, I realized I forgot my memory card which is definitely dumb of me, I had my ipad though but with only crappy videos but I still had the happiest and loveliest night) ♥


Following the updates of #OGSManila, I can tell that the members definitely had fun. They were so close with the fans, so much fan service!! I envy them. And the amount of fan projects that went on during the concert?? Just wow!! I wanted to be a part of it! The fans are so passionate that even…


This is a support project for INFINITE’s visual line, Kim MyungSoo and Lee SungYeol, which maintain through handbanner. Let’s cheer on SooYeol!
«this banner will be distributes overseas and also in Indonesia itself»


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Sungyeol at Mnet 20s choice backstage + Cleaning his sweat + closeup of his chest

INFINITE - Mnet 20’s choice (backstage)


130718 Mnet 20's Choice Awards
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130721 leaving Inkigayo
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